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What is GO Sports Unlimited?

Live Life FunTM

Spawned as a complement to GO Kickball — America’s Premier Social Experience®, GO Sports Unlimited provides a well-rounded co-ed adult social sports offering. The same high-quality, award-winning experience that is GO Kickball now offers many other sporting activities through GO Sports Unlimited. The active life, the social life, the purpose life — it’s all included to ultimately Live Life Fun™. Come join us!

The Active Life

Co-ed adult rec sports

Physically fun & healthy

Competitive + Non-competitive

The Social Life

Hang with friends + Meet new people

Relaxed, hip, connected

It’s where your friends are

The Purpose Life


Lifting up others

Others lifting up you

Outings & Events

Experience Beyond Sports

Play with A Purpose

  • $2.45 M (Raised since 2006)
  • $3 M (Goal by 2021)


At GO Sports Unlimited | GO Kickball, we believe life is better done together with others. Whether giving back through out time, efforts, and/or money, we are purpose-driven to lift others up. Everyone has “something” they are going through, and having your community to lift you up through it is part of the GO Sports Unlimited | GO Kickball experience.  We choose to do life together — being active, being social, being purpose-driven. It’s the biggest “win” of all!


GSU|GKB is intentional each year to serve our players and those in need. Here are some of the many causes we have served through our time, efforts, and fundraising across our communities helping lifting people up: